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The most comprehensive RNA spike-in controls

  • Ensure consistent quality of your experiments

  • Assess the performance and the limits of RNA-Seq workflows

  • Compatible with any organism and any platform

  • Free tool for SIRVs data evaluation

“”Integration of synthetic spike-ins SIRVs was particularly helpful when testing drugs that affect overall transcriptional output and thus cause a global decrease in mRNA levels.”

Georg Winter (1)
Georg Winter
PhD Principal Investigator, CeMM, the Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences

About Lexogen

Lexogen is a biotech company focusing on RNA and complete transcriptome studies using next generation sequencing technologies.

We have been at the forefront of RNA research since 2007, and our technologies and products are being used by thousands of scientists all over the world. “Lexo” in Greek means “word”, and Lexogen stands for the word of genes, which is the transcriptome. We strive to be the pioneers in this fascinating field of RNA science, and together with the fastest-growing technology of the past years, the next generation sequencing (NGS), we are sure that we can make a big contribution to the world.

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Lexogen GmbH
Campus Vienna Biocenter 5
1030 Vienna, Austria

Lexogen, Inc.
51 Autumn Pond Park
Greenland, NH 03840, US



US +1-603-431-4300
Rest of the world +43 (0) 1 345 1212 



Lexogen ISO certifications

We proudly hold both ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications, which not only demonstrate our drive for innovation but also our unwavering devotion to delivering reliable, robust, and cutting-edge solutions to our valued customers.