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Boost your Research with Lexogen Bioinformatics Services!

Lost in your NGS data? Let us find the way!

We are genomic data analysis experts, who are passionate about developing novel, customized workflows and solutions while keeping biology at the forefront.

We speak your language, so focus on your research and leave the data analysis to us.

What makes Lexogen Bioinformatics Services stand out?

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Individual approach

We approach your data with full dedication to extract all the valuable information and make sure you get the most from your data.

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Customization & Development

To ensure you get the best from your data, we can adapt, fully customize, or even develop entirely new data analysis solutions - especially for you.

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Your data is safe with us!

We operate under European Union Regulation - GDPR, follow ISO27001 principles and employ various measures to ensure the highest level of data security.

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Continuous support

You will benefit from our expertise before, during and also after the project is completed. We are always at your service!

Lexogen Bioinformatics Services = Expertise You Can Trust 

We make sure you get the most from your data. 

What we can do for you: 

  • Analyze various NGS data, including RNA-Seq, DNA-Seq, Epigenetics.
  • Customize data analysis pipelines based on your needs.
  • Develop new pipelines specifically for you.
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Lexogen Bioinformatics Services Portfolio

We have extensive experience in handling diverse genomic data analysis pipelines, including various types of RNA-Seq data analysis, DNA-Seq data analysis or Epigenetics.

  • Alternative polyA site
  • Alternative splicing
  • ATAC-Seq
  • ChIP-Seq
  • Circular RNA
  • De-novo genome assembly
  • Differential gene expression
  • Functional enrichment
  • Primer design for RNA depletion/enrichment
  • Shape-Seq
  • Single-cell RNA-Seq
  • SLAMseq data
  • Small RNA-Seq
  • Transcript half-life
  • Transcriptome assembly
  • Variant calling
  • Whole-exome sequencing
  • Whole-genome sequencing
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Not sure which approach is the best to analyze your data or none of the applications enlisted fit your goals?

How does it work? Work with genomic data experts!

Icon Consultation illustrating the Bioinformatics consultation services

1) Introductory Consultations & Project Planning

  • Getting to the heart of your project and understanding your research question.
  • Designing data analysis workflow and project planning.
  • Agreeing on project deliverables, timeline, and cost.
Icon illustrating the the data transfert approaches for Bioinformatics services

2) Project Initiation and Data Transfer

  • Data transfer using your preferred data transfer method (FTP server transfer, cloud bucket sharing or a hard drive shipment).
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3) Data Analysis, Delivery of Results and Report

  • Data analysis and generating a comprehensive result report.
  • Data and result files transfer using your preferred transfer method.
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4) Discussion and Conclusion Meeting

  • Reviewing the results and the report together and addressing your questions.
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5) Follow-up Support

  • Follow-up support for your current or future projects
  • Designing data analysis workflow and project planning.


We are always at your service!

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“We have also worked with the Lexogen bioinformatics team for design and implementation of customized sequencing analysis pipelines.

They have been able to rapidly deliver ‘turn-key’ software tailed to our specialized requirements, with team members having both an excellent grasp of the underlying biology as well as bioinformatic and computational issues.

Our group looks forward to doing a great deal more exciting science with Lexogen!”

Sydney X. Lu, MD PhD
Sydney X. Lu, MD PhD
Stanford Medical School, Division of Hematology, Department of Medicine

We also offer a complete NGS Service,
from sample preparation to data analysis!

About Lexogen

Lexogen is a biotech company focusing on RNA and complete transcriptome studies using next generation sequencing technologies.

We have been at the forefront of RNA research since 2007, and our technologies and products are being used by thousands of scientists all over the world. “Lexo” in Greek means “word”, and Lexogen stands for the word of genes, which is the transcriptome. We strive to be the pioneers in this fascinating field of RNA science, and together with the fastest-growing technology of the past years, the next generation sequencing (NGS), we are sure that we can make a big contribution to the world.

Contact Us

Lexogen GmbH
Campus Vienna Biocenter 5
1030 Vienna, Austria

Lexogen, Inc.
51 Autumn Pond Park
Greenland, NH 03840, US



US +1-603-431-4300
Rest of the world +43 (0) 1 345 1212 



Lexogen ISO certifications

We proudly hold both ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications, which not only demonstrate our drive for innovation but also our unwavering devotion to delivering reliable, robust, and cutting-edge solutions to our valued customers.